Dry Rot Eradication
and Timberguard Treatments in Edinburgh

Damp, rot and woodworm can spell trouble for your timber and create building and renovation nightmares! Timberguard treatments take care of these issues and George Hardie and Son have the experience to solve the problem.

Trouble with Timber,

Time for Timberguard!

From water ingress to woodworm and damp proofing to dry rot, Timberguard is the answer to your wood worries. If you are concerned about woodworm or unsure about damp treatment or the need for dry rot eradication, give us a call for a friendly chat about all your options and the most effective solutions.

George Hardie and Son have a wealth of experience in dealing with damp, wet rot eradication and infestation issues using their Timberguard treatments. A reliable and effective way to treat rising damp and all its associated issues. Also, ask us about the essential benefits of tanking services.

Taking Away Timber issues

All timber problems need to be dealt with effectively but dry rot eradication is essential as ignoring the issue can cause serious structural damage over time. Timberguard treatment thoroughly removes the source of the problem, ensuring the timber replacements are not affected by a recurrence or reinfection. We offer a 20 year guarantee on all treatments. Similarly, wet rot eradication is also a must and our experience allows us to easily distinguish between the various treatable conditions and advise accordingly.

window rotting

Trust the Experts

George Hardie and Son are the ideal choice to solve your timber issues. During or following Timberguard treatments, we can also advise on all other aspects of renovation, building and decorating. With a wealth or experience in the building industry, we can offer a full-service solution to your project, however big or small.

Please contact us to ask about dry rot eradication and other Timberguard treatments.